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  • Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G)
  • Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G)
  • Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G)
  • Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G)
Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G)
HS Code: 2934993000
Min. Order: 500KG
CAS No.: 80702-47-2
Qty in 20' FCL: 10MT
QC: Haccp,Kosher,Halal,ISO
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Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G) is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries, As a professional Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G) supplier and manufacturer, Aowei International has been supplying and exporting Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G) from China for almost 10 years, please be assured to buy Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G) at Aowei International. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via info@hotingredients.com, we will reply you within 1 working day.

This product consists of 5’-IMP and 5’GMP as per proportion of 1:1. Disodium 5-ribonucleotide (I+G) can be added into food directly, which will make an obvious contribution to food taste. It is the key ingredient to make flavor to the sauce, seasoning, gallinaceous crystal and gallinaceous powder. It is often be used together with MSG, when use in the recommended ratio of 2%—10% I plus G. The above mixture is called "extract MSG". In addition, this product has a good effect to cure chronic hepatitis, muscular atrophy, and have a fairly high curative effect on eye-disease.

Keep in a cool and ventilated place. Protect from strong light and water, and keep containers closed.

Items                                                        Specifications
Appearance White Crystals or Crystalline Powder
State of solution (Transmittance) ≤95.0%
Amino acid Solution appear colorless
NH4+ (ammonium) Color of litmus paper unchanged
pH 7.0 - 8.5
Arsenic (As2O3) ≤0.0001%
Heavy metals (Pb) ≤0.001%
Other nucleotides Not detectable
Loss on drying ≤25.0%
Assay (I+G) 97-102%
IMP (mixed proportion) 48-52%
GMP (mixed proportion) 48-52%

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