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Aowei International Flavorings


Flavorings are intense preparations which are added to foods in order to impart taste and/or smell. These food flavours are used in small amounts and are not intended to be consumed alone. There are certain natural food flavors which are derived from herbs, spices and substances having an exclusively sweet, sour or salt taste. These natural food flavors are not included in the definition of flavorings for regulatory purposes.
The products of Flavorings from Aowei International are provide the delicious tasty for your food which can increase the food flavors. Also the Flavorings products from Aowei International are safety and health which own all the certificate as you request, such as Haccp, Kosher, Halal, ISO and so on. 
For further information about Aowei International, please visit and contact us at www.hotingredients.com.

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