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Food Additives in Daily life


Food additives play a very important role in food we eat everyday. It’s hard to imagine how food will taste if we don’t use food additives in food making. None of the food from star restaurant to supermarket is without food additives. In fact, we live in a world filled up with varieties of food additives. Some most used food additives will be introduced in the following.

Some most used food additives:
Food coloring、spices、bleach、odorants、sweeteners and bulking agent--- these are used to get a better look or taste of food.
Preservative and antioxidants---these are used to prolong the shelf life of food.
Stabilizer、emulsifier and antifoaming agents---these are used to simplify the producing process.
Vitamin、amino acids and mineral---these are for the nutritional value of food.

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