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Our Team

Management Team

Mr. Yuanpeng Hua Was born in 1959, owned 4 companies in China, all engaged in
exporting and importing business.

Vice president 
Lina Lee
work for Aowei since 2006. With more than a decade of export and team
management experiences, presided over the company's administrative work ,
formulation of company's organizational structure and staffing,determine the company's  
direction and management objectives.

Director Manager
Sue Lee
With years experience of purchase, take in charge of company'spurchase issue and
follow the execution of orders.To avoid theriskof market instability and control of
purchase cost.

Documentation Manager
Ray Yang
With years work experience of documents,familiar with the importand export process,
manipulate the export documents, make and check with L/C,take in charge of company's
documents matters.

• Human Resource: Created a professional and dynamic team, and become the leader of our industry in human resource management, team size and management level.
• Technical Department: Our company has engaged in food additives production and application more than ten years, able to provide professional technical support and solutions in food industry.
• Marketing Department: Possess professional product development capabilities, good sourcing abilities and energetic.
• Administrative Department: Consolidate materials from various sources into individual containers for invoices and shipping details within one day. Meanwhile, we own well established
networking and supply chain to minimize transport and handling costs.